Our Premium Services

With our Premium Service we will be contacting the leading Data Companies and Cal Centres to tell them to stop calling you, selling or passing on your personal details.Once we receive your signed permission online research papers buy form we will issue these company’s with a Section 11 notice under the Data Protection Act to stop selling, passing on or using your details. Please be aware that some company’s will not act on these section 11 Notices unless we have your express permission to act on your behalf. This means we just need your permission once and then we can contact all of these companies on your behalf.Under UK Data Protection law company’s have upto 28 days to remove your details or act on a Section 11 Notice. So please be aware that it can take upto 28 days for the calls to start to reduce. However please do not worry as for your added protection and peace of mind after your initial paid for registration we will continue to notify companies on your behalf FREE of charge for upto 6 months.

So if new companies acquire your details we will notify them to remove them by way of a section 11 notice. We are constantly monitoring the market and seeking out companies that are either making unwanted call or selling on your personal information.

To help stop new companies from calling you, Please be VERY careful about who you give your Telephone contact details to as you may without realising be giving permission for these company’s to legitimately contact you or worst still sell on your personal information!

Our premium service can be purchased by 4 monthly payments of just £30.00 (Total £120.00) or if you buyessay paper writing prefer we offer a discount for paying 2 payments of £50.00 (Total – £100.00 Saving you £20) or a single payment of £85.00 ( saving you £35.00 ).


Please note our Premium Service is NOT the FREE Telephone Preference Service (TPS). We have tried to work with the TPS to register your details but they will only accept registrations direct.

If you would like to also register on The Telephone Preference Service you may do so by calling them on 0843 886 9270.

Our Premium Service Offers

  • Access to our Helpdesk
  • Reporting Unwanted calls on your behalf
  • Contacting companies on your behalf to ensure removal of your data
  • Request Removal Of Your Personal information from Data Companies
  • Issue Section 11 Notices to Company’s

Call for FREE now on 0843 886 9270 to order our Premium Service or to find out more.