How To Stop Unwanted Calls

Stopping The Calls

With new changes in data protection laws it should have buy a research paper become easier to stop people making unwanted calls. The ICO have actively been handing out fines to companies.

However companies can still call you if:

  • They have your permission to call – You may have given this without realising
  • They are making genuine Market Research calls
  • Calling from another country that is outside UK law and jurisdiction

Many times you may have given a company permission to call you without realising that you did so. The only way to stop these calls is to tell them that you no longer wish to be called. Sadly this means contacting all the companies that call you.

Here are some simple things that you can do for FREE to help stop the calls

  1. Register with the Telephone Preference Service
  2. Write to or call all of the companies that are calling you and ask them to stop
  3. Request that your telephone number is removed from the public directory – You will need to contact your telephone provider to do this.
  4. Stop giving your personal and telephone contact details to company’s
  5. When completing forms Do Tick the “Do not Contact me” option

If you have tried these methods but are still receiving the calls, or you are unable to do so yourself then we have a solution that could help you. This is not a mandatory service and it does have a cost attached to it.

We will write to various companies that we believe order essay online uk hold your details or are making calls and request them to remove your details. We will contact any companies that you tell us who have contacted you on your behalf and request that they stop.

In order to contact some of these companies we may require your permission to do so, but you only need to give this once and we will send the form out to you in the post for you to return to us. Once you have signed and returned  the form we can get to work notifying these companies to stop.

If you think this service is of interest and would like to see the details Please Click Here Now.